Why do you buy handmade?


From the archives…

We recently ran a competition with UKHandmade to show our support for their Buy Handmade Campaign. Although the winners were picked at random, we asked people to name 2 of their favourite pieces from our site and also to tell us why buying handmade is important – gathering opinion is so valuable to us. The responses were overwhelming and also really encouraging. We know that makers buy from makers but clearly the Buy Handmade message is getting out there…

This is what our 1st place winner said…

“I value individuality, creativity and quality; because I love the stories behind each piece and it’s maker; because I recognise the skill and love worked into each object; because as a crafter my skills have limitations and what I can’t make I must buy; and because I would like my children to grow up in a world defined by the diversity of the handmade, not the narrow limits of the mass market.”


“I love finding new unique things, and I also like to support small business – as a ‘handmade’ crafter I wouldn’t have any business if people didn’t love handmade items!”

“Because of the originality of the pieces. I believe in upcycling and recycling with a passion and handmade materials are often so too. The people who make handmade are artists and deserve to be recognised for their abilities, buying into that gives me pleasure!”

“I like to support local crafts people, enjoy the chance to work with the designer to get something special and love the originality.”

“You get something wonderful, often unique. You get to find out about the maker, the process involved and the story behind it. Also, I like to support smaller, ethical businesses rather than global concerns that get their products made by cheap labour abroad.”


“I don’t have much spending money, so what I buy has to count. When I buy handmade I can have something beautiful as well as something that’s ‘just right’.”

“There are so many reasons…but most importantly I love to know that something has been made with love,care and attention and I like to know who it was made by. Every handmade item is unique and exudes an energy unlike anything mass produced. Buying handmade supports artisans and artists directly and so allows their creativity, inspiration and beauty be a part of our world. Really…I just love it.”

These sentiments speak for themselves and so we’d just like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to provide us with such valuable feedback. We loved discovering ‘favourite’ pieces from our site as well, and pictured in this post are just a few of them…

If you’re a Maker, shop or gallery owner you can show your support for the Buy Handmade Campaign in different ways – put the Buy Handmade logo on your website, the poster in your window and add your name to the cause here.

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