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Carly Petitt-Taylor

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: North West   

I graduated in 2006 from Brighton University with a First Class in Wood, Metal, Ceramics, & Plastics. Since then I have developed my work producing collection’s and limited edition ranges of wearable but unique handmade pieces.

I use many materials but predominately work in nylon monofilament, each piece is individually constructed and dyed, making every piece unique.

I find inspiration from everyday observations that other people often pass by, moss on the garden wall, UHT milk pots, and fungi growing on cheese. I am obsessed with multiples, and I am very much inspired by colour, flora and fauna, science and its order and structures. I always look for new materials, and different ways to manipulate them.  My work is tactile and I encourage the wearer to change and manipulate the pieces, once handed over is out of my control. I like that the work keeps evolving without me.

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Caroline Loveys

category: Glass   

region: South East   

I have been working as a stained glass artist since 1994. Using these techniques I make individual pieces of jewellery and mosaic. Using the copperfoil method (glass, copperfoil and lead free solder), my jewellery combines glass, paper collage and mixed media. I also make glass and paper tiles that I use in mosaics. All of my work can be personalized, incorporating text, names or dates into the collage.

website: Click Here

category: Glass   Paper   

region: Wales   

I work from my studio on the coast of the beautiful Gower Peninsula. I specialise in creating contemporary and original black and white papercut artwork. I love simple, bold and graphic imagery and I aim to create designs that bring a smile. I am inspired by the naivity of primitive art, the humour of childrens’ […]

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Caroline Reynolds

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: South East   

Caroline designs, makes and finishes all her own pieces, working mainly in silver and gold, using gemstones to add colour and richness. Inspired by the natural world, she makes individual and timeless pieces to be treasured. Her jewellery has won awards from Goldsmiths Hall and been featured in Harpers and Queen Magazine.

Caroline accepts personal or corporate commissions. She is also a member of the Sussex Guild.

Caroline teaches jewellery-making in Sussex and is available for private tuition, festival, event or personal workshops.

website: Click Here

Caroline Stokesberry-Lee

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: Northern Ireland   

I am a silversmith and jewellery designer/maker based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I create unique, contemporary wearable pieces of art using traditional silversmithing and jewellery making techniques. I trained at the University of Ulster in jewellery making and silversmithing, and at Waylands Silversmith and Jewellery School in Dublin. I am inspired by everything around me at any given time, in particular I find my inspiration in nature.

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category: Ceramics   

region: North West   

Catherine Ball hand crafts her ceramics using fine white porcelain. The Stitched ceramics collection challenges conventional ceramics through the development of an innovative technique and uses both stitching and buttons as a form of decoration. Catherine Ball is a young British designer/maker based in the lake district of Cumbria. Catherine Graduated from Cumbria Institute of […]

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Catherine Peddel

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: South East   

Originally trained as a fashion designer, Catherine Peddle then used her skills to train as a Design Technology teacher. From here she developed her fabric printing techniques and embellishment and established her business dyeing, printing and making her own lino prints on linen to make art that is primarily inspired by flowers.

Catherine has work in different galleries and exhibits with the Artist Network Bedford exhibitions.

website: Click Here

Catherine Aitken

category: Fashion Accessories   Textiles - Clothing   

region: Scotland   

I’m a handbag and accessories designer mostly working with Harris Tweed and linens with leather. I also work with recycled garments and vintage kimono silks.

telephone: 07799885417

Catherine Woodall

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: Yorkshire   

Initially I studied engineering, followed later by art and, for me, making jewellery has been the happy combination of these two disciplines.

I studied jewellery at the Yorkshire Craft Centre for five years both during and following a Certificate for mature students course at Bradford College.

All my jewellery is handmade in my workshop atop the – often – windswept Pennines. Surrounded as I am by Emily Bronte’s ‘high waving heather’ and the green wooded valleys, it is little wonder that my work is inspired by nature. The veins of a leaf and the rain or dewdrop glistening on it are some of the details I’ve drawn down.

I work with silver and semi precious stones and am inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in both Britain and Vienna at the turn of the last century.

telephone: 01422 844919

website: Click Here

Cathy Hilton Artisan

category: Paper   

region: South West   

I produce illustrated sculptures. Images are drawn, cut out and reassembled in to a three dimensional form.
I work with a very tough, hand-made paper that is strong enough to be structural, and has a charming texture and tone.
I seek to provide moments of joy, so humour, love and surprise are recurrent themes and I relish the expressions of delight that my work causes.
As an illustrator I am self-taught since O level. I have a degree in Industrial Design which contributes to the structural element of my work.
I’m drawn to help people express their appreciation for others, so there’s great tenderness in this work.
I generally start from the emotion I wish a piece to evoke, and design from there.

telephone: 07885 432258

website: Click Here