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category: Furniture & Wood   

region: North West   

My forms are inspired by the landscape around me. The textures reflect the rugged beauty of rocks exposed to extremes of wind and rain, shadows that dance across the fields that I can see from my studio, can be glimpsed through the pierced surfaces. Holding the pieces and following the curves and textures gives you […]

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Sally Reilly

category: Ceramics   

region: South East   

My work is a celebration of the everyday experience of eating and drinking, and of private and shared moments. My love of cooking and good food is central to my work. I design and throw ranges of tableware for everyday use, small collections of pots for more ceremonial moments and individual pieces.

I was born in Ireland but trained in Paris in an Anglo/Japanese tradition. This early influence is evident in my work but I am also interested in the pure shapes of Modernism. Alongside my work in series I continue to experiment with form and technique, sometimes adding non-ceramic elements. Most pieces are high fired stoneware with classic oriental glazes but I also use brightly coloured slips on earthenware and stoneware under a transparent glaze.

address: 92 Station Road, Soham, Ely, CB7 5DZ

telephone: 01353 723562

website: Click Here

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: South East   

Sally Weatherill studied art history and printed and woven textiles in the US before moving to the UK where she set up a studio in a picturesque village on the Suffolk/Essex border. Here she now designs and produces woven fabrics for fashion and interior accessories. Distinctive in its rich colour and textural interest, her work […]

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Sally’s Shed

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: Midlands   

I specialise in hand-painting street scenes and individual buildings, shops and churches onto wood, allowing the beauty and character of the wood to complement my art work.
My inspiration comes from the buildings and architecture of Lichfield, and also my garden, where I design and create my products in my little brick built shed: my creative haven.

The wood I use is either donated by friends and family, or found in the ‘unloved’ section at local timber yards. Each piece is unique.

website: Click Here

category: Fashion Accessories   Textiles - Clothing   

region: Scotland   

Scottish designer Sally-Ann Provan creates modern millinery and accessories with subtle vintage echoes. Using traditional techniques, she hand makes contemporary headwear and handbags garnished with intricate hand detailing. Her designs offer timeless wearable elegance to covet, to keep, and to keep wearing. Based in Edinburgh, Sally-Ann Provan has a far reaching reputation for distinctive design, […]

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Sam Pickard

category: Fashion Accessories   Printmaking   Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: South West   

Because everything I do starts with drawing, I often arrive at my studio with armfuls of blossom, roses or leaves I’ve gathered from the garden or woodland and sit down and draw.

My lovely print studio is based in North Devon where I create bespoke interior textile products, fabrics, wall-coverings and accessories using traditional printmaking and craft skills, combined with experimental digital technology using the very best materials sourced in the U.K. wherever possible.

My designs have been commissioned to create trays and rugs and have twice been shortlisted for the British Design Awards.

website: Click Here

category: Ceramics   

region: South East   

My inspiration comes from my love of pattern and colour, as well as hints to textile construction. Though I did not go through any formal training, I have spent a long time experimenting with techniques best suited to applying pattern to the surfaces of my pieces. My work is made from flat slabs of clay. […]

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category: 3D Sculptural Work   Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: North East   

My extraordinary objective is to realise the necessities and requirements that would be involved in ‘fairy life’: to provide everything a fairy would demand during its daily existence. I have named these ‘Fairy Aiding Inventions’, invented by ‘Brain’ (me). They are theoretically functional items for the mildly eccentric. I try to express a sense of […]

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Samantha Robinson

category: Ceramics   

region: East Midlands   

Samantha Robinson works with a subtle combination of porcelain, metals and textiles. Using the porcelain’s purity as a base and inspiration from textures, tags and the ‘everyday ordinary’, Samantha adds a subtle stitch, a hint of colour or a glint of metal, drawing our attention to what is often overlooked.

The processes involved are slip casting, hand building, stitch and embossing. This blend of techniques and materials provides a tactile and intriguing range of jewellery and interior pieces. Samantha is an accomplished international designer maker and tutor, working on freelance projects that include producing work for exhibitions, retail outlets, commissions and delivering workshops.

website: Click Here

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: Wales   

After graduating in 2011 with a 1st class BSc (Hons) Product Design degree from Bangor University Sara set up her workshop in her home village on the Llyn Peninsula in 2012. Previous to setting up her business she undertook placements with various jewellery designers in order to gain experience in both practical making skills and […]

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