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category: Jewellery and Silverware   

Whilst studying for a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham Sian Elizabeth Hughes’ jewellery designs evolved to rely on simplicity and sensitivity to the materials, forms, colours and textures. Sian’s designs take inspiration from natural forms and within this context she tries to incorporate the effects of the particular season […]

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category: Fashion Accessories   Textiles - Clothing   

region: Wales   

Sian O’ Doherty is an award winning textile artist and designer located in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of her home landscape, combined with the rich traditional patterns and techniques of Welsh textiles, she creates unique woven and knitted fabrics for fashion and interior accessories. Sian designs and hand makes each […]

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Sian Patterson

category: Ceramics   

region: Scotland   

Sian Patterson is a Glasgow-based ceramicist designing and making functional and decorative thrown stoneware. A core tableware collection is complemented by a series of one-off pieces constituting an ongoing investigation into composition, form, and glaze.

The work is characterised by a formal purity and a restrained palette of unique glazes, often combined in subtle contrasts. How each individual piece feels to hold and to use is as important as the collection’s appearance and visual coherence.

A wide range of influences and references inform the collection – from victorian pharmaceutical and preserving bottles to the still lives of Giorgio Morandi and the photography of Uta Barth. The central preoccupation is a keen sensitivity to surface, colour and light, an interest in formal groupings, and an atmosphere of familiarity.

The act of making by hand is absolutely central to Sian’s practice – every piece is wheel thrown, trimmed and glazed individually, and stamped with a makers mark and year of production.

Silvene Art and Jewellery

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: South East   

Sylvaine handmade art and jewellery by Sylvaine Frouin.

I’m a french jewellery designer/maker and artist based in Hove (UK). I create jewellery that tells stories, handmade in silver combined with other materials including resin, wood, gold and precious stones. My designs are inspired by innocence of childhood, beauty of nature and the magic of dreams which fire my imagination. I also combine jewellery, woodwork and illustrations to create unexpected Jewel-Objects. My work is constantly evolving in a poetic, sensitive and colourful way.

telephone: 07586768280

website: Click Here

Simon Pilkington

category: Paper   Printmaking   

region: South East   

I started out as an Artist / Illustrator but soon added printing to my practise….

Letterpress printing is a passion of mine, it is such a great medium – it encompasses so many different skill sets – from knowing about the myriad of papers, using ink, the setting of type by hand, design & fantastic old presses! My work ranges from one off prints to posters, cards & custom orders, such as invites.

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Skylark Designs

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: South East   

I am a self-taught crafter specialising in crochet, watercolour artwork and postage stamp decoupage. I love to use colour and texture in my designs of adult and childrens clothing in contemporary designs. I am inspired by British Wildlife in my paintings, particularly birds.

My postage stamp products are very popular and include placemats and coasters and bird boxes. I love to upcycle items when possible. My work is varied between crafts but a broad representation is on my website. Please take a look. I am happy to take commissions for work.

telephone: 07769314149

website: Click Here

Snapdragon Designs Ltd

category: Fashion Accessories   Jewellery and Silverware   Paper   

region: South East   

Snapdragon Designs are husband and wife team Shelley and John, from Kent. We met at Art college and gained degrees in Graphic Design from De Montfort University. Shelley has been a professional Book Binder for 10 years and John a Design and Technology teacher for 8. Together we design and make a range of unique and quirky acrylic jewellery influenced by fairy tales, stories and books alongside a range of handmade gorgeous books, photo albums and lasercut cards.

address: Maidstone, Kent

website: Click Here

Snowdon Design & Craft

category: Printmaking   

region: North West   

I’m a self employed illustrator and printmaker, producing hand lettered and illustrated screen prints. I’ve spent most of my creative career as a graphic designer. In 2006 I embarked on a part time Graphic Design and Illustration degree, fitting my studies in around my full time job. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 with a first class degree. In April 2012 I left my day job to fulfil my long held ambition of becoming a freelance illustrator and printmaker. I love to travel and draw much of my inspiration from folk art and vintage typography from around the world.

telephone: 01457 763112

website: Click Here

SOBU (Sonja Bucherer)

category: Fashion Accessories   Mixed Media and Recycled   Textiles - Clothing   

region: London   

I’m a north London based designer/maker. My speciality is mixing new and recycled materials, combining different patterns and textures to create highly individual pieces. For the past 13 years I have worked as a textile designer (appliqué and embroidery) for two international exhibiting studios. My designs have sold to high street brands as well as exclusive fashion and interior companies in New York, Australia, Japan, Italy, Paris, Frankfurt and London.
I’ve always loved making things and enjoy the whole creative process: To come up with an idea – then cut, sew, knot, stamp, iron, thread, glue, label – whatever brings the idea to life. I’m an avid collector of fabrics, buttons, ribbons and other curiosities. Beautiful stones, driftwood, books, films, food…all sorts of bizarre discoveries are my inspiration. As well as creating designs commercially and for my own SOBU collection, I have dedicated time over the past nine years to sharing and passing on my passion for the craft by running stitch clubs and craft projects at various north London primary schools. I hope you enjoy some of my creations. Please visit my website via the link below, where you can browse my work or contact me for commercial or private commissions.

telephone: 07736454385

website: Click Here

Sonja Bessant Jewellery

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: London   

Sonja is a self-taught jewellery designer maker from South London who makes high quality, contemporary, handmade jewellery. She grew up in a family who ran a jewellery business and began creating pieces in both her father’s and grandfather’s workshops at a young age.

Sonja often uses pearls and gold as embellishments and etches personalised messages onto silver. Each item is handmade with a passion for making beautiful and, most importantly, wearable jewellery. Her inspiration comes both from living in a big, bustling city, and also, contrastingly, from the simple beauty of nature. Geometric shapes and simple yet beautiful lines often feature in her jewellery collection.

Sonja would like to share her love for jewellery and hopes that people will enjoy wearing her jewellery as much as she likes making each piece. Each item of jewellery is made to order making it truly unique. Prices start from about £25 to about £250 depending on the chosen design and finish.

telephone: 07990522761

website: Click Here