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Moriath Glass

category: Glass   

region: Wales   

I work with various warm glass techniques, layering the glass with powders and paint, and often incorporating leaves and printed or stencilled designs. Layers of glass replicate the layers and strata of the land – hills, skies, beaches, rivers and seas.
Living and working on a smallholding in west Wales I am surrounded by the most wonderful inspiration. I step out of the studio to gather hawthorn, oak and ivy leaves to encase in glass; I look up and spot a pair of ravens skyfalling in dazzling sunlight; I look down and gaze through the reflective surface of the pond to the life teeming in the layers beneath.
Prices range from £3.50 to £250. Commissions accepted.

telephone: 01559 371585

website: Click Here

Mouse in the House

category: 3D Sculptural Work   Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: Yorkshire   

I come from a Theatre Design background and apply my scale-model techniques to create small mixed-media playful sculptures of mice, made entirely from salvaged and recycled materials. I make numerous commissions and ‘one-off’ pieces, which are either freestanding, housed in a driftwood box, or positioned under a glass dome. The sculptures are highly detailed, with every aspect considered to a high standard, these can be personalised to meet a client’s specifications.
Prices vary, depending on the detail and complexity of the piece; they range from £15-£65. My clients often commission pieces for their own home, or as gifts for special occasions. The colours, materials and detailing frequently appeal to children as much as to adults.
I’ve always had a fascination with stories and histories, and collect profusely. I work with fragments of fabric, paper, wood and metal, with which I aim to fire up the imagination and encourage audiences to engage playfully with my work.

website: Click Here

Mummybird Pretties

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: South East   

Notably with a vintage feel, I make pretty personalised/quote necklaces, floral bracelets and bobby pins offered in vintage tins that I’ve found along my travels. I like to use as many medias as I can and love the romance of vintage and bygone days and this is in some of my pieces. I like to use extracts from period dramas such as Pride and Prejudice. I teach basic jewellery and themed jewellery making classes at a local college occasionally and have a weekly pitch on the market within the city of Cambridge.

address: Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5LE

telephone: 01954200223

website: Click Here

Myra Hutton

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: Midlands   

Trained in Textile Art & Design at Ilkley College, I like to think of my rich felted landscapes as a traditional craft with a contemporary twist capturing the essence of a place or scene. I create my canvas in a ‘painterly’ way, building up textured layers of fibres, and use the sewing machine as a drawing tool to bring the picture alive. Other work is screen-print and stitch.
Inspiration comes from my natural surroundings and experiences, drawing on hues, shapes and textures of landscapes, tumbledown buildings, unruly wildness, broken gateways against fertile greens and browns of rolling landscape or the dark earthy secrecy of a wooded area, moss and lichen covered walls.
Although I have several themes all pieces are one-offs.

address: Wavendon, Milton Keynes MK17 8LY

telephone: 01908 583316

website: Click Here

Nancy Gray

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: North West   

I am a textile artist from Cumbria. I work with machine embroidery on linen or cotton and create one off pieces and cards which are landscape based. Inspiration is gained from walks and travels both in the UK and abroad but often feature water, whether that is a lake, tarn or sea.

address: Kendal, Cumbria

website: Click Here

Naomi Davies Jewellery

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: South West   

I studied 3-dimensional design at West Surrey College of Art where I graduated with a BA Hons in Jewellery design and also have PGCE in Design teaching at secondary level. I work from my own workshop at my home where I also run classes and workshops. I work primarily in silver and gold, but enjoy incorporating other materials, in particular marble, acrylic and more recently leather, giving a more ‘edgy’ feel to my designs and reflecting interests in rock music, fashion and burlesque cultures. Music and musical instruments have always influenced my designs and continue to be an inspiration using a contrast of organic curves with the tension of straight lines. I enjoy making one off commissions on request and make jewellery for men as well as women and consider many pieces to be unisex. Prices can vary from £30 to £3000.

address: Newton Abbot, Devon

telephone: 07769177222

website: Click Here

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: South East   

Naomi has been making jewellery since she was 14 and has always designed as she works, allowing the making process to inspire the final piece. Many of her designs use leaves, plants and feathers to imprint natural textures on silver giving her work a ‘found’ quality – almost as if the pieces were produced by a […]

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Naomi Tracz Jewellery

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: London   

Naomi Tracz makes elegant and wearable jewellery using silver, gold and semi-precious stones. With a background in fine art and photography she enjoys experimenting with contrasts of light and texture, always striving for simplicity of line and form. She takes her inspiration from the natural world and also her interest in the art and jewellery of the ancient world.

Naomi employs traditional metal working techniques including piercing, etching and Keum Boo (the ancient Korean art of fusing 24 carat gold foil) as well as working with modern materials such as epoxy resins and acrylics.

telephone: 07970835939

website: Click Here

Natasha Gowdy

category: Furniture & Wood   

region: South West   

I have been designing and making furniture for over 20 years and I love the challenge of creating pieces that will stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically.  Having studied design at university I went on to work for a furniture maker and finally to setting up my own workshop some 15 years ago. I work to commission as well as making limited editions for sale and exhibiting at galleries and craft shows.  I use predominantly British hardwoods, in particular oak and ash, and these fantastic native timbers are a joy to use with their strength and infinite grain patterns.

My designs are fundamentally modern with clean, simple lines and subtle details that bring the piece together – a gentle curve, a rounded corner or some finely cut dovetails on a drawer. I draw inspiration from nature and simply from the intrinsic qualities of the wood. Over the years I have learnt how to bring out the best in this remarkable and sustainable material by creating furniture that is hopefully beautiful and most definitely useful.

website: Click Here

Naturally Heartfelt

category: Jewellery and Silverware   Paper   

region: South West   

Stephanie Wheeler from Naturally Heartfelt makes contemporary jewellery incorporating extracts from original texts, poetry and music into her designs. Papers from salvaged books are sealed and fixed behind glass in pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Stephanie also makes paper lampshades by applying hand cut circles of reclaimed music scores and maps to shades.

website: Click Here