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category: Glass   

region: North West   

Catherine Mahé designs and makes contemporary kiln formed glass products for the home from her studio in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Her pieces are distinctively colourful and heavily inspired by print and fabric pattern. She enjoys experimenting with different shades of colour and combining opaque and transparent glass for exciting light effects. Her love of glass fusing began when she was originally working with mixed media mosaic, and she’s been exploring kiln formed glass techniques through books, tutorials and workshops for the past 5 years. Prices range from £10 for small hangings to £140 for larger bowls.

telephone: 07443223684

website: Click Here

Consuelo Radclyffe

category: Ceramics   

region: London   

I am a ceramic artist, specialising in 3-D sculptures but also making quirky functional objects such as vases, plates etc. Childhood memories are my main inspiration. My figures are often described as dark, joyful and weird and are made from clay, wire, and clothes designed uniquely for them. I also add fabric, papers, bits of wire, or anything that supplements the composition, stimulating further interpretation.

website: Click Here

Coo & co

category: Printmaking   Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: North West   

My background is fine art, I then spent 15 years as a community artist facilitating creativity in others, a few years ago I found screenprinting to be the best way of reproducing my ideas, I like to use collaged vintage paper under prints and use fabrics to make useful and beautiful items. My themes seem to always be about nature but whatever the subject I love to celebrate the scratchy hand drawn line.

website: Click Here

Copper Creations

category: Metalwork   

region: Wales   

Inspired by artisans on my travels, I have been designing and creating hand-punched copper lanterns and decorations for about eight years.  I take my design inspirations from art, nature, fabrics and pattern forms.  Each and every hole is punched by hand before being shaped into an exquisite lantern or decorative piece.  I am constantly experimenting with the medium and welcome commissions.

telephone: 07967016232

website: Click Here

Corinne Young Textiles

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: Yorkshire   

I work using machine and hand embroidery, and vintage and recycled materials. I am inspired by many things ranging from flowers, plants and insects, historical artefacts and most recently architecture! I have a BA (Hons) from Bradford College in Textile Design.

telephone: 01262 420788

website: Click Here

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: South West   

Playing with materials and techniques combined with research, Corrinne’s designs feature key elements of playful interaction and stylised elegance, with multi-functional wear and collectability. Corrinne’s current collections are inspired by Native American cultures.  This rich and storied culture, deep in connection with the earth and its people, the detailed art and traditional garments ignite her […]

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Cotton Bird Designs

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   Paper   Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: Midlands   

Angela Cotton is a mixed media artist working with new and recycled materials, such as vintage linens and maps, to create bird sculpture and other works.

Over the years her collection of vintage textiles and papers has steadily grown creating a cosy inspiring nest…perfect for creating little birds! Wedding cake toppers, woodland garlands and wedding ring pillows form the basis for her beautiful collection. Commissions happily taken.

website: Click Here

CoucouManou by Nell Beale

category: Furniture & Wood   

region: South West   

Trained on an HND Design course as a furniture designer/maker over 20 years ago, Nell Beale has been making bespoke freestanding and fitted furniture for many years.

In May 2012 she founded CoucouManou and launched her own collection of furniture and homewares. CoucouManou’s designs have received national & international press coverage and Beale has been tipped by The Guardian as a “hot new name” and picked by the Evening Standard as “Best in Show” at London Design Festival 2012. Her love of colour and a deep understanding of cabinet making and design, helps create some really stunning pieces of furniture and homewares.

website: Click Here

Crowns & Coronets

category: Textiles - Clothing   

region: Midlands   

Crowns & Coronets is a luxury British knitwear brand for babies and children from 0-6 years. Created by English designer Helena Hubbard, who learnt to knit from her mother as a child, each sumptuously soft garment is hand knitted and hand stitched in England by master artisans from a blend of the purest Himalayan yak down and sustainable bamboo. Our Yak Collection is imbued with influences from yesteryear such as sailor collars, waistcoats and pinafore dresses. We create timeless and classic pieces to be treasured as heirlooms fit for little princes and princesses. Meticulous craftsmanship coupled with the use of rare and noble natural fibres make our garments heirlooms to treasure. Crowns & Coronets ethically sources yak down from Tibetan herders, thereby improving the wellbeing of the nomads while preserving cultural skills and maintaining sustainable rural lifestyles.

telephone: 01527 894155

website: Click Here


category: Furniture & Wood   

region: Midlands   

I work with hand selected hardwoods to design unique pieces of strong, elegant furniture. Each piece is created to meet the demands of modern living whilst maintaining an eye for the traditional principles of construction and design.

I’m inspired by the beauty of trees and the wonderful material they provide, the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement and the simplicity and elegance of Art Deco.  I believe we all have an instinctive and historic affinity with wood and strive to celebrate this in my work.

website: Click Here