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Cheryl Steventon Glass

category: Glass   

region: West Midlands   

Cheryl is a glass artist with over 10 years’ experience. She creates characterful glass and stone sculptures which are heavily influenced by her upbringing in Cornwall. Her work is sought after by a loyal customer base in the UK as well as further afield in Canada, America and Australia.

website: Click Here

category: Paper   

region: West Midlands   

Using old and recycled materials I try to capture the detail and beauty found in nature. My work is influenced by plants, insects and found objects which I recreate in paper and arrange carefully into collections and dioramas. I like to evoke the sense of nostalgia and curiosity I get from studying nature and creating the items […]

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Lindsey Kennedy Portfolio

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: West Midlands   

Originally I trained as a jeweller and silversmith at Birmingham School of Jewellery, but I have transferred my skills to designing and making mosaics. Still gem-setting in lots of ways with highly reflective materials, just on a larger scale! I am currently inspired by the positive/negative patterns created by tree branches and the richness of highly decorative East European embroidery – bright colours against dark backgrounds.

I work to commission, on exterior and interior panels and I’m creating a range of work to sell online, in local galleries and from my studio. Prices range from £20-£300 for existing work and £350-£4000 for commissioned mosaics.

website: Click Here

Unearthed by Lynn

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: West Midlands   

Inspired by the UK’s Industrial heritage, Lynn loves reconnecting with the craftsmen of the past and ensuring their stories aren’t lost by upcycling their work and repurposing it. She enjoys the process of unearthing pottery shards, sea glass and iron ore slag and researching their story – How did it get here? Who made it? Each piece comes with the provenance Lynn has been able to uncover, connecting you to the land and history of the shard.

Unearthed by Lynn forges an eclectic union of new and old, as well as raising awareness to reducing our footprint on the planet. She uses non-toxic, food-grade chemicals during the silversmithing process; she sources recycled eco silver for creating her jewellery; and utilises recycled and biodegradable materials for her packaging.

address: Stone, Staffordshire

website: Click Here