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Mandi Baykaa-Murray

category: Mixed Media and Recycled   

region: South West   

My craft is painting birds of prey (my inspiration) on to feathers and small slices of tree branch. I use acrylic paints over a light layer of gesso, and a very light touch with a paintbrush. My feathers are presented either in a small ceramic vase made locally or in a specially made box frame. I display the wooden ovals on miniature easels. I have a Fine Art Degree and an MA in Printmaking but I currently enjoy painting wildlife using a variety of media. I help at a falconry centre where my inspiration and fascination with feathers comes from to create my art.

address: Yatton, N Somerset

website: Click Here

Mark Hilde

category: 3D Sculptural Work   Ceramics   Stone   

region: South West   

The influence of the coastal environment of West Wales, my childhood landscape, and the natural beauty of Dorset, where I now live, permeate the sculptural ceramics that I produce.
A background in precision engineering has trained me to work with a meticulous eye for tight tolerances, refined lines and defined angles.
My interests in nature and contemporary architecture have been incorporated to create pieces that contain the essence of natural forms in shapes that have clarity of line and beauty in simplicity.
All my work is handbuilt using slabs of stoneware clay and I construct each piece individually without the aid of moulds. The modelling and carving of the finer detail ensures each piece is unique. Following bisque firing to 1000°C, I apply my own glazes and finally fire to 1250°C.
I gained my BA Ceramics degree at West Wales School of the Arts in 2007.

website: Click Here

category: Furniture & Wood   

region: South West   

My work centres on the turning and sculpting of forms in native and home grown timbers to which I may add texture, colour, mixed media and found objects. Inspiration for my work comes from the shapes, textures and colours found in nature within my local environment as well as walking in woodland, the countryside, visits […]

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Mary Cutchee

category: Ceramics   

region: South West   

Following training at art colleges in St Albans, Stoke-on-Trent and London I received a BA (Hons) in 1980, and have spent the last 38 years teaching and making ceramics in Ireland, Canada and the UK.

Now based in Devon with a workshop on the Dartington Estate, I use local ‘wild’ clay that I dig and prepare myself to make pots inspired by the Devon landscape. I use a combination of thrown, pinch, coil and slab techniques to give each pot a unique appearance and character as the different clays create serendipitous patterns on the surface of the pot. Though glazed inside, the tactile un-glazed outer surface of the pot offers the hand a deeper connection with the clay, and the land itself. Made by hand, my pots are meant to be held and touched as much as looked at. Prices start at £30 for small pots.


website: Click Here

Maureen Carr Knitwear

category: Textiles - Clothing   

region: South West   

I have been designing and creating hand-loomed knitwear for many years. My experience has been gained in fashion houses in both London and abroad. The business is run on the value of high quality products and the knitwear collection is, therefore, made using the finest yarns.
I love to create garments which “move” when worn and try to produce fluid, elegant pieces which are also versatile and can be worn for a range of occasions. As an experienced knitwear designer, I am able to create made-to-measure garments with just three measurements. My broad-based clientele regularly return for more bespoke knitwear due to the high quality products and made-to-measure fit.

address: Exeter, Devon

website: Click Here

Maxine Shattock

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: South West   

My craft is mainly felt making. My inspirations are my love for animals, wildlife and my fortunate surroundings of the beach and the nearby Somerset Levels. My techniques include both wet and needle felting, with the occasional embroidery, either by hand or freehand machine embroidery.

address: Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 2PP

telephone: 01278 782881

website: Click Here

Megan Stallworthy – Perfect Bindings

category: Bookbinding   Leather   Paper   

region: South West   

I make sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, visitors books and albums, with handmade, watercolour and pattern papers, leather, vellum and linen. Each book is bound by hand in my studio in Somerset, using traditional bookbinding techniques and archival materials. I like simplicity of form and design combined with the tactile beauty of natural materials, and aim to make books that are calm and subtle, activated by areas of colour, pattern or texture. As well as making books for sale and to commission, I run workshops in traditional and contemporary book forms at arts centres and book festivals.

website: Click Here

Melanie Guy

category: Metalwork   

region: South West   

I make unique pieces for clients – domestic or corporate. Working mostly in pewter sheet, wood and other metals, I make wall sculptures and bowls and dishes, some sculptural, some hand raised. These unique pieces will enhance any environment and are suitable for interiors or exteriors. Melanieguyart.

address: East Cornwall, PL17 8NB

telephone: 01579 370916

Melanie Torrance Textiles

category: Fashion Accessories   

region: South West   

I am a self-taught textile artist working with natural dyes and prints taken directly from leaves and other plant materials (ecoprinting). I started making scarves, shawls and other accessories three years ago. I work with natural fibres, such as silk and wool and particularly love using silk crepe de chine as the soft pearlescent surface of the silk combines beautifully with natural dyes.

My inspiration comes from nature and the changing seasons. I gather a lot of my materials from long woodland walks and hedgerow foraging. Dyes are also made using avocado skins, walnut husks, pomegranate skins, flowers and local plants. My scarves are dyed by bundling lengths of fabric with plant materials, which are then steamed or immersed in a dye vat. After curing and rinsing, I finish the scarves with hand-rolled or frayed hems. Each piece is unique and captures a moment in time and place.

address: Near Frome, Somerset/Wiltshire border

telephone: 07473 864382

website: Click Here

Melanie Wickham – Lino Prints

category: Printmaking   

region: South West   

I am a lino printer based in Bristol. I trained as an illustrator and have been carving out original design lino cut hares, cats, spiders, plants, vegetables, people, cats, dogs and otters ever since. I am currently working on progressively larger flocks of birds.
I have exhibited regularly in galleries and exhibitions around the UK and have printed on many things – from lovely printmaking papers to walls, curtains and pairs of pants.

website: Click Here

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