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Caroline Stokesberry-Lee

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: Northern Ireland   

I am a silversmith and jewellery designer/maker based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I create unique, contemporary wearable pieces of art using traditional silversmithing and jewellery making techniques. I trained at the University of Ulster in jewellery making and silversmithing, and at Waylands Silversmith and Jewellery School in Dublin. I am inspired by everything around me at any given time, in particular I find my inspiration in nature.

website: Click Here

Whitethorn Woodcraft

category: Furniture & Wood   

region: Northern Ireland   

Glenn White and Kelley Hann handcraft bespoke furniture using reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood in their workshop near Haytor, Dartmoor.

With a background in the traditional timber framed building industry, we use time honoured techniques to create fresh, contemporary designs. The majority of our pieces are joined with mortise and tenon joints then secured using oak pegs. We believe that our furniture should not literally cost the earth, preferring hand tools and sourcing materials locally.

We love character in our materials. Awkward grains, knots, splits and cracks are a beautiful distraction from the homogeny of mass production, a stamp of natural authenticity.

website: Click Here

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