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Deirdre McGuirk

category: Ceramics   

region: Herefordshire   

Deirdre McGuirk is a ceramic artist based in Hertfordshire.

I use porcelain to make wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics; I love the silky smoothness of porcelain and the white canvas it provides for decoration. Once glazed it has a luminosity that seems to be unique to this clay. It is a challenging material to throw, but I enjoy the challenge and I think the results are worth it.

Forms have proportion and simplicity, but have a function. I enjoy food and cooking and want my ceramics to be useful in everyday life, enhancing the food they hold or flowers that they display rather than dominating. I make all my own glazes from raw materials, adding oxides in different concentrations to allow variations of similar colour. I prefer muted colours, particularly greens, blues and greys with subtle variations. I use both glossy and matt glazes, which I sometimes layer and overlap to create depth of colour and variation of texture on the same piece.

website: Click Here

Sue Lane Jewellery

category: Jewellery & Silverware   

region: Herefordshire   

Sue Lane graduated from Middlesex University in 2000 with BA(Hons) in Jewellery. Since then her business has grown and she is a respected contemporary jewellery designer and maker selling work to clients worldwide.

Sue’s unique collection of bespoke rings often include one, two or three bands and are looped together permanently and adorned with precious stones and diamonds. Sue also makes a beautiful range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets to complement her rings. Commissioning and remodelling is a speciality.

Sue designs and makes every piece by hand from her rural Herefordshire studio, selecting the very best quality precious stones and diamonds, all of which are ethically sourced. Prices range from £60 to £12,000.

telephone: 01885 488836

website: Click Here

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