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category: Jewellery & Silverware   

region: East Anglia   

A collector by nature, I draw inspiration from fragments, curiosities and hidden treasures. Fascinated by the minute and delicate, I use a variety of traditional and contemporary jewellery making techniques, combining precious and natural materials embellished with vintage finds. From dainty studs to tumbling neckpieces, I enjoy creating intriguing, eclectic and feminine jewellery, inviting the […]

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Ruth Lyne. Seascape Jewellery.

category: Glass   Jewellery & Silverware   

region: East Anglia   

I have always been intrigued by the colours and textures of the coast, by wide horizons, big skies and shingle beaches. I have been working with glass since 1998, fusing it with metals and oxides to create objects that, I hope, evoke long forgotten feelings of walking along the seashore with a pocketful of shells.

I don’t try to replicate the natural world but work with simple shapes and forms, using horizontal and vertical elements to instil a sense of calm and balance within each piece. I have recently downsized my workshop after moving to Suffolk and have returned to my first love with a collection of Seascape jewellery in coastal colours inspired by sea glass and pebbles.

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category: Ceramics   

region: East Anglia   

Contemporary slipware potter, using traditional techniques of slip trailing and sgraffito to create delicate contemporary porcelain pieces. All my pieces are hand thrown on the potters wheel, and then painted and carved, or slip trailed, to create pattern and texture. Work is inspired by coastal scenes as well as favourite plants, paint colours and fabrics […]

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