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Julie Vernon Mosaics

category: Ceramics   Glass   Mosaics   Stone   

region: Midlands   

I produce vibrant contemporary wall hung mosaics working with a mixture of materials from vitreous glass and ceramic through to natural marble and slate. I also like to incorporate individual pieces of vintage porcelain or worn down ceramic found washed ashore British beaches to give my work a greater depth, with each fragment holding a hidden history or journey of its own.

I produce mosaic panels, commissioned house numbers and personalised wedding hearts and am also showing my work in exhibitions.

address: Edwalton, Nottingham

website: Click Here

Mark Cooke

category: Stone   

region: Wales   

Originally with a background in decorating my interest in interiors and design has developed rapidly in recent years. In particular I wanted to see how stone could be used to make discrete or statement features, wall pieces, free standing objects and even items for personal adornment. My design ideas come from geological structures, a minimalist design ethos and unplanned inspiration. I also want to bring to eye level the beauty and textures inherent in Welsh slate, a material so often used for flooring etc. The ability to cleave or split slate expanded the versatility of this sexy lithified mudstone. Other working methods revolve around wet cutting and finishing. I also have a range of elegant and beautiful slate jewellery in the form of pendants which are suitable for both sexes.

telephone: 07775 740583

Mark Hilde

category: 3D Sculptural Work   Ceramics   Stone   

region: South West   

The influence of the coastal environment of West Wales, my childhood landscape, and the natural beauty of Dorset, where I now live, permeate the sculptural ceramics that I produce.
A background in precision engineering has trained me to work with a meticulous eye for tight tolerances, refined lines and defined angles.
My interests in nature and contemporary architecture have been incorporated to create pieces that contain the essence of natural forms in shapes that have clarity of line and beauty in simplicity.
All my work is handbuilt using slabs of stoneware clay and I construct each piece individually without the aid of moulds. The modelling and carving of the finer detail ensures each piece is unique. Following bisque firing to 1000°C, I apply my own glazes and finally fire to 1250°C.
I gained my BA Ceramics degree at West Wales School of the Arts in 2007.

website: Click Here

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