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category: 3D Sculptural Work   Paper   

region: South East   

I make sculptural pieces constructed from wire, pages from books, paper mache and cotton rag papers. The inspiration for my work comes from my fascination and absolute love of the natural world and all its glorious flora and fauna. I use various self-taught techniques to describe and build character to my chosen subjects. I hand […]

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The Thread of Everything

category: Paper   

region: North West   

I work from my studio in the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District. The starting point to my hand stitched paperwork is a concept that I have always held to be true – “In stories of old are stories to be told”. Each piece is inspired by the way we use language to communicate.

Using vintage storybooks from the early 20th Century, I seek through stitch to uncover the power of simple language to deliver uncomplicated and transparent messages. The original narrative is often in complete juxtaposition to the final piece. I handsew longstitch across the ageing pages, creating lines of thread to obscure the text, revealing a ‘found’ aphorism or solitary word. The thread becomes the means by which the original story is disrupted through being hatched out, thus receding. This allows the ‘found’ text I intended to preserve and liberate to be brought into sharp relief, thereby creating a story within a story. The essence of the reworked page is simply to say less and mean more.

The name, ‘The Thread of Everything’, represents the common thread that unites us: language in all its forms.

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