Diploma Tutor – British Academy of Jewellery

The British Academy of Jewellery aims to be a jewellery school where technical training is not an afterthought. Where technical skills are not seen as a hindrance to creativity, but where knowledge acquired by the hands provides inspiration.

Aspiring to be a school where students do not shy away from originality and creativity and where traditional techniques are taught to then be challenged.

We are looking for an individual with:

  • A strong commitment to learning and teaching, who is dynamic and engaging.
  • Strong motivational skills, which can inspire students to do their very best in an intellectual, creative and technical capacity.

You will work closely with tutors and students to achieve high-quality delivery.

Diploma Tutors are responsible for:

Planning and delivering comprehensive training in the areas of jewellery manufacturing, CAD, and/or 2D and 3D design techniques.

Generating schemes of works, lesson plans and assessment material in addition to daily delivery in workshop/design room setting, as well as online remote learning using BAJ’s Virtual Learning Environment, Canvas.

Undertaking solo and team teaching, as well as contribute regularly to the standardisation of the curriculum.

Summary of the essentials that are required for this job:

  • You will have experience in delivering jewellery related educational courses in the areas of technical jewellery making skills, CAD, and/or 2D and 3D design generation.
  • Ideally, you have teaching experience and understand the principles and the practice of assessment and qualification structure.
  • You must be organised and comfortable with paperwork, and able to work independently using the Microsoft suite.
  • The role requires an equal amount of in-person delivery and administrative output.
  • Education level: You must be educated in the area of jewellery manufacturing, CAD, and/or design, ideally to a BA level, or with sufficient industry experience and knowledge.

To apply for this vacancy, email the address below with your CV and covering letter explaining your interest in the role and how your skills match the job.



Application Deadline:
30 Jul 2021



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