Work in progress for Things From Home

Thursday 12th April

Nottingham-based ceramicist, Katrin Moye, is Lakeside’s Artist-in-Residence until June 2018. During her 12-month residency she is creating new ceramic designs as well as working alongside the Gallery’s Learning Team.

Katrin will be giving an artist’s talk and presentation about her residency. She has been investigating themes and ideas around the universal attachment we all feel to special objects, resulting in a new body of sculptural work that sees her taking an exciting new direction away from the purely functional.

She has been working with international students on ‘Things From Home’, an Arts Council funded project to develop and test her ideas about how objects that are missing from our lives assume a great importance in our memories, how they reflect our cultural roots and personal identities and how they can be ‘read’ in the same way as a narrative or text.



Event times:

Angear Visitor Centre, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

North East

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