We Gather

17th November – 5th February 2022

Borne out of Dr Karen Patel’s research into racism in the craft sector, this exhibition features five female artists of Black and Asian heritage whose work shares a commitment to craft and its cultural value.

The featured makers are Shaheen Ahmed, Lorna Hamilton-Brown, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, Francisca Onumah and Onome Otite.

The title We Gather refers to the gathering of ideas, skills and emotions embedded within these five craft practices. It is also a symbol of gratitude towards the communities who gathered their courage, bodies, and voices in support of justice for Black lives, which instigated deeper conversations between the UK’s Black makers and the Crafts Council.

Each artist in the exhibition will present new and existing work.



Free admission

Crafts Council Gallery, 44a Pentonville Road, Islington, London, N1 9BY


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