Superbowls: Interpretations of an ageless design

11th March - 7th May 2017

‘Bowls are objects of everyday use and must be one of the first items humans made by pinching and squeezing clay with their fingers to form a usable container. After many thousands of years the bowl is being used and reinvented every day and can be one of the simplest and most basic forms a ceramicist can make to be used. But what makes the bowl so enduring as an art object? It has all the formal values an artist needs to work with: linear profile, form, volumetric presence, surface, texture and colour. The perfect vehicle for a ceramicist to express and explore ideas.’
Exhibition curator Geoffrey Swindell has invited fourteen UK artists working in clay to create work for Superbowls, the only guidelines being that the objects should be essentially shallow, hollow containers and connect stylistically to individual interests and current work as artists and designers. The exhibition will include some artists already known for their bowl forms as well as others new to the form.




029 2048 4611

The Makers Guild in Wales, Craft in the Bay, The Flourish, Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff CF10 4QH


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