Past Present Future

17th February – 18th May

How can jewellery challenge & contribute to the language of sustainability? What are the conversations about sustainably that are triggered by the jewels we make? Where are the questions in our practice about sustainability & how do they have a connected relationship with the making, methods & materials we use?

The ambition for the exhibition is to showcase a holistic and identified concern for sustainability within the field of art jewellery. This will be evident with works that demonstrate sustainable action within making and material.

3 works will be exhibited from each of the 19 selected Precious members … one each for the categories Past, Present and Future. The categories:

Past: a work that is made from recycled, found or reused existing materials. (this piece is an existing work and is from any time in the makers life)

Present: a work that identifies with the makers current ideas of sustainability within their practice. This could be conversations around ethical and greener making, sourcing of materials, both, or something else

Future: a new work that has been made especially for the show that will biodegrade, is low impact or return to the earth …



Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, Moss St, Bury BL9 0DR

North West

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