Journeys In Mind

20th January - 3rd March

This exhibition explores experiences of mental health and the mind from the perspective of designer-makers and how their personal journeys may shape the development of their works.  This could be through events which they have personally encountered or through experiences of teaching, working or living with others effected. Exhibited designer-makers are invited to explore how they felt when making the works exhibited, to give them the space to share their experiences and to begin to dispel the taboo nature of this subject.

This show will reveal the positives to come from people’s experiences as they grow and develop from what has happened in their lives. Craft will be shown to have empowered these makers at times of difficulty, offering meaning to their lives and benefits to their overall wellbeing.

This exhibition includes work by madebyhandonline maker Sue Gregor (pictured).



Bluecoat Display Centre, The Bluecoat, College Lane Entrance, Liverpool, L13BZ

North West

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