Extraordinary Everyday

8th September - 17th December

Picture a day in your life… Perhaps that first sip of coffee to kickstart the morning. Consider reaching for your favourite mug, the one that brings a smile, the one that your hands curve around just perfectly, the one that is the perfect size for the perfect cup full. The simple joy in that small moment. Just one of many everyday routines, yet even the most mundane of tasks becomes more magical when using objects that are not just functional but beautiful too. This exhibition, curated by Fran Buxton, encourages you to embrace a slower pace even if only for a few minutes, to look inwards at your daily rituals, to celebrate life’s small pleasures; a true appreciation of the “Extraordinary Everyday”.

This exhibition includes work by madebyhandonline maker Peter Lanyon (pictured).



Event times:
Thurs-Sat, 10am - 4pm

Unit Twelve Gallery, Tixall Heath Farm, Stafford, ST18 0XX

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