7th - 13th December

An exhibition of new work from 4 artists and makers from the South West who are all influenced by the effects of erosion on our natural and human landscape:

  • Paintings by Karen McEndoo (from Tregony) and Jill Eisele (Penzance)
  • Ceramics by Paula Downing (Perrananworthal)
  • Art jewellery by Sarah Drew (St Austell) – a madebyhandonline maker.

With a theme of earthy tones and weathered textures running through all their work, the exhibition is not only a study of how natural forces such as the wind, rain and tides shape the land and bring about change, but also a metaphor for the erosion of systems and structures within society which are outdated and unsustainable and will also be subject to change.

Although they share a concern for the damage humans are precipitating on the planet, it’s essentially an optimistic hope that nature will be appreciated once more and prevail, through re-wilding and re-planting the land will hopefully heal itself. The question is, will we respond in time to the climate emergency for humans to survive?

They see positivity in the small shoots of hope that are beginning to emerge: the force of normal people working together, helping each other and trying to create a new world order that sits within nature and counteracts the negative effects we’ve had on the world.



Tremenheere Gallery at Tremenheere Sculpture Park, Nr Gulval, Penzance TR20 8YL

South West

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