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Summer Craft Collection 2021: Craft with Local Heart

1st May - 31st July 2021

Region: South East

The Summer Craft Collection at the New Ashgate Gallery presents a range of unique, local crafts from selected makers. Treat yourself to something new for you or your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse and shop away from the crowds.


17th May – 1st August

Region: South West

Time-Lapse is a creative record of what happened when time stopped as Covid-19 took hold. Nine members of Design-Nation Cornwall & Devon have contributed work exploring this theme of making in isolation, as we emerge once again into the public domain after a period of containment and introspection.

Terroir: The characteristic imparted by environment (tɛrˈwɑːFrench tɛrwar. Noun)

6th May- 28th August 2021

Region: Midlands

The French have a term when describing making wine, ‘terroir’ which means the special character that a wine is thought to get from the particular place where the grapes were grown. Similar to this notion then is the idea that many artists make emotional connections to specific places or places, whether real or imagined.

Making It

24th July – 12th September

Region: South West

This exhibition features 21 emerging talents who have been selected from nearly 75 submissions by a panel drawn from creative organisations across the South West.

Goldsmiths’ Fair

28th September - 10th October

Region: London

Goldsmiths’ Fair is an annual selling event and exhibition showcasing a curated selection of work by some of the best fine jewellers and contemporary silversmiths creating and making in the UK Today. The emerging and established makers exhibiting at Goldsmiths’ Fair are chosen through a rigorous selection process which ensures the highest standards of both […]

London Craft Week

4th - 10th October

Region: London

Celebrating outstanding British and international creativity, the festival brings together over 250 established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world.

Wizardry in Wood

13th - 16th October

Region: London

Wizardry in Wood 2021 will be the fifth exhibition held by the Worshipful Company of Turners to showcase the work of outstanding UK and international craftsmen. Wizardry in Wood was launched by the Turners’ Company in 2004 on the 400th anniversary of the granting of the Company’s Royal Charter in 1604. Wizardry in Wood 2021 […]

Colour. Shape. Form.

2nd Sept- 18th December

Region: Midlands

The National Curriculum for the Art and Design Programme in England identifies how students should be taught to ‘evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design’. This exhibition invites the viewer to actively share what entices them to a crafted object; draw/circle/highlight/annotate the walls of the gallery to turn the space into an incubator of thoughts and ideas around what is so unique about craft.

Make 2021: Contemporary Crafts for Christmas

27th November - 9th January 2022

Region: South West

Up to 50 exhibitors based across the UK are showcased in the Devon Guild’s main Jubilee Gallery, ready for the Christmas season. Support makers and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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