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These are a Few of My Favourite Things

14th January- 1st May

Region: Midlands

Lockdown has made us all think about, and appreciate the things we have in our homes. This exhibition considers how objects, and specifically craft, makes us smile and brings joy into our lives daily… This exhibition includes work by madebyhandonline makers Dominika Kupcova, Alice Funge (pictured) and Kate Toms.

Terroir: The characteristic imparted by environment (tɛrˈwɑːFrench tɛrwar. Noun)

6th May- 28th August 2021

Region: Midlands

The French have a term when describing making wine, ‘terroir’ which means the special character that a wine is thought to get from the particular place where the grapes were grown. Similar to this notion then is the idea that many artists make emotional connections to specific places or places, whether real or imagined.

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