Silent Sales


Would you rather stick pins in your eyes than sell? Does the thought of cold calling bring you out in a cold sweat? You’re brilliant at what you do, but if you don’t sell your products it is essentially a hobby – which is fine.  But if you want to either learn to sell or outsource your selling then Simon at Silent Sales can help you.  The husband of successful fellow maker and artist, Marna Lunt, Simon has a unique insight into the maker and art markets.  His training is fun, engaging and professional but informal and he can tailor sessions for you and your market either in person or online.  Or – you might want to outsource all of the proactive sales work to him so you can free yourself up to make more of what you and your customers love whilst he opens doors for you to grow your business.

Simon is also the host of popular business podcast “Don’t Sell Yourself Short”.  If you’d be interested to guest on the podcast drop Simon a line, otherwise tune in for insightful, often humorous conversations about sales and business from almost any industry you can imagine.

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