Canada’s Calling! A guest post and special offer by jeweller Corrinne Eira Evans.


In this guest post, our jeweller Corrinne Eira Evans tells us about her exciting research trip to Canada. Her jewellery is inspired by Native American cultures, and the influences of their woven artefacts and symbols found across different art forms can clearly be seen in her work. Next month Corrinne will be fulfilling a dream and heading to Canada to meet the artists who are preserving the traditional skills and imagery of the First Nations…

To start I would just like to say a huge thank you to all those who purchased jewellery in my last massive sale of 40% off! Your purchases were in aid of raising money to get me out to Canada to meet the First Nations artist, and yay we did it! Flights are now book, I’m so excited.

Over the last year and a half I have been planning a research trip to Canada, Victoria B.C on the West Coast. From an early stage of my career I have been fascinated by First Nations culture and artefacts, and so the work I now create is informed by this subject.

This July, 2017,  it’s all coming together – with the help from you lovely people, I’m flying out to Victoria, B.C and hope to travel the surrounding islands to meet these beautiful people and discover more about their heritage. The plan is to learn their craft skills, processes and the strong connections they have between the earth and the items they create. Artefacts take form from the use of their surroundings, rituals and ceremonies and everyday life needs. There is just something so very special and appealing to me about their textiles, prints, carvings and baskets that I feel need to be seen in their surroundings. I want to meet the hands that make them to fully understand their magic.

Image credit – artists Isabel Rorick and Robert Davidson.

From this research I would like to bring back these intricate processes and learnt skill sets to the UK, not only to inform the developmental direction of my own work, but to be able to show off the culture, art work and beauty of the First Nations.

I’ve been in communication with a few First Nations artists from the Esquimalt Community and the Salt Spring Arts Community, and plan to meet, learn and discuss their culture on Salt Spring Island and on Hadai Gwaii (Charlottes Island) in the view to collaborate with them whilst I’m out there. I’d also like to develop collaborative work with them when I return to the UK, and hope to create works of art for an exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in a few years time. In this exhibition I want to show you all their amazing talent and our collaborative works, alongside videos of them working and some hands on demonstrations.

To achieve this goal I’m holding another 40% off sale from 20th – 26th June on You can help my final push to raise money to get me to these beautiful islands and also own a unique item of my jewellery! Visit my collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces here and you’ll find all my prices have been heavily reduced! Thank you again to everyone who has helped me so far. I’m really excited and very grateful for all the support I’ve received.




Eagle mask image credit -Haida artist Ben Davidson.

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