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Methods of Making

6th January - 11th March

Region: Gloucestershire

‘Methods of Making’ is an exhibition celebrating contemporary furniture. The exhibition examines modern day issues of recycling, waste, economics, architecture, beauty, value and sustainability.

‘Cuts The Mustard’

11th January - 21st April

Region: Midlands

This playful exhibition takes the idiom ‘cuts the mustard’ as a cue for work that is “successful, and comes up to expectations”, as well as highlighting the best in contemporary craft that celebrates this stunning colour. An exciting group of selected makers are taking part, including madebyhandonline makers Liz Cooksey, Lynsey Walters, Rachel Butlin (pictured), […]

Made with Love

13th January - 10th March

Region: North East

Leeds Craft and Design Centre present their annual exhibition exploring the romance of British Craft. Selected talented British makers come together to showcase their beautiful jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media, resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. This selling exhibition includes work by madebyhandonline maker Karen Howarth.

A Sense of Place

13th January - 4th March

Region: Wales

Members of the North Wales Potters Association have been invited to show their ceramics in ‘A Sense of Place’ – an exhibition that celebrates the strength and diversity of ceramics within North Wales and explores the influence of local landscape on artistic practice. Curated by Alex McErlain on behalf of the Makers Guild Wales.

Justine Allison ‘Shifting Lines’

13th January - 4th March

Region: Wales

Curated by Ceri Jones. Mission Gallery is pleased to continue its series of ceramic touring exhibitions. Following the success of part one, The Language of Clay: Part Two comprises three further solo exhibitions of work by three Wales based ceramic artists, each with a dynamically different approach to making. Justine Allison, Ingrid Murphy and Kate Haywood.

Jerwood Makers Open

20th January - 11th March

Region: South West

A touring exhibition from the Jerwood Visual Arts programme at Jerwood Space, London. Jerwood Makers Open is a biennial opportunity encouraging ambitious and/or radical proposals from UK-based makers and collaborators within 10 years of beginning their practice.

Through The Window

20th January - 24th March

Region: South East

Early evenings with houses all lit up inside, we can peek into other lifestyles, catching glimpses of their treasured objects on the shelf and arrangements on the table. “Through the Window” is a mixed show featuring paintings, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery.

Journeys In Mind

20th January - 3rd March

Region: North West

This exhibition explores experiences of mental health and the mind from the perspective of designer-makers and how their personal journeys may shape the development of their works.  This could be through events which they have personally encountered or through experiences of teaching, working or living with others effected.


29th January - 26th May

Region: Midlands

Celebrate nature’s bounty through this varied display of jewellery, ceramics, and textiles. Each item is handmade by a designer-maker who has taken inspiration from the colours, forms, and subjects found throughout flora and fauna. 

Desire Fair Chelsea

2nd - 4th March 2018

Region: London

Desire’s jewellery and silversmithing show will be at the Kensington Town Hall this year. Exhibitors have been selected for their superb and innovative craftsmanship and have a genuine passion for the work they create. Commissioning special items is also welcomed from many of the exhibitors.

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