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Lizzie Kershaw Jewellery

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: London   

Lizzie creates handmade silver and gold jewellery, from large scale choker and neck pieces through to bracelets, earrings, rings, cufflinks etc.
Lizzie’s attention to detail ensures that each piece of jewellery is well made, stylish, contemporary and will be a timeless classic – cherished and worn for years to come.

telephone: 07813 776274

category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   

region: Wales   

Hello, my name is Catherine. Loosethread was born from my love of creativity. Trained in textiles and silversmithing I create contemporary wall pieces, prints and home wares which showcase unique combinations of appliqué, hand and machine embroidery and wire-work. I have always loved drawing, and continue to do so every day. From eye to canvas […]

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category: Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   Textiles - Clothing   

region: North West   

I love working with fabrics, mixing and matching different colours. I design and make bags, buntings, aprons and anything pretty for the home – all affordable small gifts. Pink and polka dots are one of my inspirations, I just can’t help but love them!

address: 44 Tunstall Road, Biddulph ST8 6HH

website: Click Here

Louise Cottey

category: Fashion Accessories   Textiles & Stitch - Interiors   Textiles - Clothing   

region: South West   

I find weaving to be an endlessly fascinating craft – watching how the different colours and yarns interact in the warp and weft, or playing with the structure of the cloth to create a new texture or pattern is something I will never tire of.
My aim is to create hand woven textiles that are equally attractive to the hand as to the eye. Textiles are a part of our everyday lives from a christening shawl, a comforting blanket to an elegant shawl, so it is important to enjoy them.

website: Click Here

category: Metalwork   

region: Midlands   

I am a wire artist based in Staffordshire. I produce 2D and 3D wire drawings of everyday objects incorporating thread in my work to add colour. The focus of my work is the line of an object, it’s this that I find the most interesting about everyday objects and is so often missed within the […]

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Louise Hall

category: Ceramics   

region: Wales   

Louise’s pieces show the fragility and unpredictability of porcelain. Subverting traditional methods of production, by deconstructing the constructed, has resulted in a range of warped, manipulated and beaten forms, producing imperfect lines, undulating curves and interrupted contours. The work varies from the mildly distorted to the decidedly collapsed.
Working with a mixture of textured porcelain enables Louise to pick up subtle variations, which are explored with oxides and other coloured glazes. By thinking not only of clay, but fabric also, she is “re-inventing the seam of ceramics with the invisible stitch.” The joins are not covered over or hidden, but made to catch the eye and question the piece’s construction.

address: Cardiff, Wales

website: Click Here

Louise Lovell

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: Wales   

I am a jewellery designer. My jewellery is textile based made from handsewn pieces using different fabrics. I print from old cards, photos, vintage wallpapers and wording and hand knit tiny flowers and balls and assemble everything with ribbons, beads, pearls and knitted cord.

address: Llandishty Farm, The Hendre, Monmouth NP25 5NL

telephone: 01600 780460

Louise McLaren

category: Paper   Printmaking   

region: Scotland   

I create delicate, intricately patterned images filled with romantic, uplifting and inspiring sentiments and use these to make extra special, handcrafted gifts to give to your nearest and dearest! Each design begins life as a pencil drawing which I cut by hand, with a scalpel. This process fills each image with character and idiosyncrasies that cannot be digitally replicated. I also produce screen prints in limited edition runs.

address: Crieff, Perthshire

website: Click Here

Love in Idleness


region: Wales   

My name is Victoria Matthewson. I am a self taught hand embroidery artist. I use fine continuous filament silk thread to create images inspired by nature using a needle painting technique.

telephone: 07986434728

Lucy addison Applied Artist

category: Jewellery and Silverware   

region: North East   

Lucy Addison Applied Artist specialises in handmade sterling silver jewellery.
Every piece of jewellery is available to personalise with a message of your choice. My main collection includes rings, bracelets and bangles and I also have a collection of bezel rings.
I completed a BA Honors Degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design in 2013 and have been self employed since working mostly on commissions but also on small collections for craft fairs and stock for galleries & shops.
Please get in touch for details on my work or to commission a personalised piece! Visit my website or email

website: Click Here